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What is Vision1Golf

Golf pic 6Vision1golf is a human performance technology that you can use in your golf game. Within 20 minutes you will see the results of hitting the ball better then you ever have. It happens that quickly.

What it does is to help you program your mind to get exactly what you want and it also is a way to physically train for the game of golf. It helps you to develop shot routines and if you don’t get exactly what you want, it shows you how to improve that. It also allows you to create “anchors” when you perform well then when you need that performance again; all you have to do is fire off that anchor. Presto you get the result you wanted.

Let me ask you a few questions.

Did you ever hit the perfect ball? Sure you did. Everyone has had that experience.

Ever hit a 20 foot putt? Sure you have once.

Well locked inside of us is our biochemistry that caused that result to happen. The trick is recalling it! Everything else we do is just chance.
Vision1golf shows you how to produced these results and anchor your biochemistry so your body can recall exactly the conditions it had when you performed at your top level. No more guess work.

Can you imagine if you were shooting a gun and not aiming at the target? You would only hope to hit it. Do you ever stand up on the tee and pick your target down the course and drive to that? No you don’t and you should. You train wrong. You train to get what you get… luck and not your skill. That has to stop!

Vision1golf teaches you that every shot has a swing, strike, flight, and target on every shot! You see that in your mind first then just simply hit the ball. Not to give too much away here; and there is truly more to it than that, but it basically is that simple.

We have a saying in combat that if a technique is too complicated it won’t work in battle. Same for the game of golf. It should be natural, effortlessly (once mastered), and produce the results you want. If not, you get your money back!