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Training wrong!

I am not a golfer yet for over the last 25 years I have taught golf to tour players all the way down to just JQ public who want to learn the game of golf. That is one heck of a statement!


It’s not about me but rather it’s about you! If you do play golf wouldn’t like it to be fun again? Wouldn’t you like to hit everything you look at and therefore lower your scores?


In my clinics I say “I will remove 10 strokes off your game in 4 hours or less or you don’t pay me!” Bold and I have only had to refund one person’s money out of about 5000 teachings! He didn’t want it back but he didn’t get the technology. If it doesn’t work for you I don’t deserve your money; it’s just that simple.


Golf pic 19Let me ask you a few questions. Do you ever 3 putt? Of course you do. So how is that? Do you ever use 3 balls to practice putting? Sure you do… see the connection? You train all wrong. Your training says you have to hit three balls to get it into the cup; whereas, on the golf course you only have one ball. So, you have to hit it three times to get it into the cup.


Do you ever say “if I could only hit balls on the course as well as I do on the driving range?” Of course you do. But you are training wrong again. You get a bucket of balls and hit a five iron until you get the results you want. When you are on the course you only have one ball, again.
So part of this vision1golf is all about how you train and how you think.


Do you ever see a water hazard and say to yourself “don’t hit it in the water”…. And you alter a perfectly good golf swing to hit it into the water? Of course you do and Golf pic 21thousands of others do too.


Why? It’s what you were focusing on. Your mind doesn’t know right from wrong… it only knows what you are focusing on and that is what you want. So, it makes that vision happen. Each and every time… oh and you do this once or twice on a course of play and you say “I’m having a bad day”… and guess what? Your mind see’s you focusing on having a bad day. Then it helps to remove your skills until … yep you are having a bad day.


Vision1Golf covers how you train, and train for the right game of golf plus it gives you powerful mental routines to produce exactly what you want.
Please enjoy the website and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.