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How does Vision1Golf instruction really work?

The sole purpose of vision1golf is to prepare your “mind" to focus on what you want not what you DON'T want. It’s mental golf at its finest, and to that end what you learn is to develop a very powerful pre-shot, shot, and post-shot mental routines that you can call up at will, and perform! Imagine it’s like pulling up a computer program, and it works the same each time you run it. Yes, we do these kinds of things all the time, mostly by accident, but how about being able to control it? The golf mental training you get with vision1golf will astounds you and give you the results you have always wanted.

As I have said before, once you learn the program you then set off to training differently, closer to the real game of golf, you then also build a very effective mental routine that will serve you very well. No more bad days. No more missed shots, but only the ability to fully apply your skills to the game of golf. I will have more success stories up on the site, in the articles section, so stop by and check those out as they build. But, boy, do I have some great stories to tell because this works so well it’s almost freaky.

At the heart of mind golf is the total understanding of how your mind works when in a performance mode. When you have to perform and not choke, you need to have a mental routine that works each and every time.

I have done seminars and training for over 25 years now, using this program. I have put people on the senior’s tour after working with them for ½ day. They had tried and tried to make the cut but couldn’t. He asked me, after watching me work with and fix others, could I put him on the tour. I said, I don’t know but I help him play at his top lever, consistently. We worked for ½ a day. I placed the technology into his mind, and we worked on the range. Then we jumped out onto the course as I do this to coach them against the bad habits and focus on the new ones. Two days later he made the cut; quit his job and out on the tour he went.

I have even fixed the yips. Oh the “Y” word hit a pro and he was devastated. I fixed it in less then five minutes. And to my knowledge he is doing ok, even to this day. It’s easy if you understand how the mind works. Golf mental training pays off big time! As a matter of fact he teaches at a pro golf school! You see there are five types of learning styles in the world, Golf pic 23well you can think of this as how your mind is connected. In the case of the yips, two ways of learn are in conflict with each other. One sense says hit it this way, the other one looks at it and says NO, hit it the this way… and the mind gets in a struggle. The final result is multiple hitting the ball as you start, then your mind says no, you stop, then the other learning since says yes.. etc. You get the picture. Ones learning styles are in conflict. You simple have too… well, I’ll leave that for the program to tell you.

In vision1golf we also spend a lot time on your short game, putting drills but for the mind. Many people have no issue with driving, but suck at putting. The game of golf is all these things and must be covered by a comprehensive program like vision1golf.

In closing this page, I want to encourage you to think about how better you could play plus Vision1Golf can make the game of golf fun again!