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About Peter Brusso

Master Peter Brusso doesn't look much like a pro golfer. That's because he isn't. Peter is a lifelong instructor of martial arts and one of the few registered "Ninja's" in the United States. A few years ago a pro golfer friend of his with the initials of TW (we cannot actually mention the name or we are off to royalty hell), came to him and asked him of he could help him "condition his mind" the way he teaches his martial arts students. TW wanted more focus and thought Peter might be able to help.

The Vision1Golf system, then known as Human Performance Technologies was born. Now Peter may not know a five iron from a gap wedge but he does know the secrets of how to get your mind to do incredible things; automatically. His students, many of whom are soldiers and marines in combat zones, depend on these skills everyday to stay alive. All WE need to do is hit a little white golf ball from point A to point D in 3 or 4 strokes. Piece of cake!

Peter calls it "East Meets West", a mental approach to the game of golf that takes the time honored techniques of instant mental focus and visualization to achieve the desired result; in this case, a great golf shot, exactly where you want it. The technique is simple, fun and you turn it on and off at will. It does NOT change your golf swing or any of the mechanics of your game, just gives you the mental golf skills to be 90% better than you already are.