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Golf Course Training

At Vision1Golf we see ourselves as an online golf training course where you can pick up the mental side of the game and put it to use. We specialize in the “psychology of golf” and put these lessons online for your help.


We have a “putter drills” section here on the site to; if you have not visited it please do so. In addition, as the site builds out, make sure to check our golf articles, as we will have lots of “golf instruction tips” for everyone to enjoy.


The mental side of the game is so vitally important that all good pro golf schools are now offering some for if it. Albeit, I have never seen anything a powerful as Vision1Golf anywhere out there. I like to think we beat everyone hands down because I produce results or you don’t pay me. Others teach you and that is it. I want to see your shots lower, your confidence up and you hitting everything you are looking at.


Yes, that can and does happen routinely with this program. If you work it, it will work for you. I guarantee it! In the golf mind game, you need a good mental routine based on how your minds work. We have that if you read this site, sign up for our newsletters, and I know you will get a good taste of what can await you in the program itself. We understand the psychology of golf and we place this into a routine that is the fabric of your mental golf strategy.


I’m not a golf mechanic, and I can’t tell you how to fix a slice or hook. Well, I can but don’t, as that isn’t my area of expertise, I leave that up to the golf pro’s who teach the physical side of the game. I on the other hand can teach you how to play “the art of golf”, to hit it farther, straighter, and putt like a maniac. When you learn the power that your mind has over you game, it will stun you. You will think, “Hey, why didn’t they teach me this first?”


You would be correct because you should learn a good mental routine, based in fact, and allow that to help you gain even more physical skills. Use it as a tool to improve your mechanical lessons. Use it as an aid to golf training. Use this program to give you the basis of a mental golf stance that really works, each and every time.