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Mind Putting Drills

Mind Putting Drills

Ok, just like we use our minds and mental routines in our golf game, we use them in our putting too. Let me explain the vision one “mind putting drills”.

Let me ask you do you ever three putt? Of course you do. And how many balls do you use to practice putting? Three, huh. Well you have trained yourself that you need to hit the ball three times to get it in the cup. The first ball tells you the speed. The second tells you the lie and the third goes into the cup. Now you get out on the course and you do what? Three putt! It’s not a mistake, you training yourself that way. So, in the golf mental training we use the following shot routine.


First, just as we have said before, you get your favorite tour player behind the ball as you size up where you want to hit it, etc. In your minds eye you see your player address the ball, get the swing, strike, path, and target (the cup) you want to have. You see it over and over, then move up to address the ball yourself.

Once you are over the ball, visualize again, all the aspects of the shot you want to make. Once you feel comfortable then pull the trigger. Again, you will be amazed at the shot. Now in our program there is far more to learn but you can take this out and use it right now. Again, consider this part of your golf training course in Mind Golf. You were born with a brain and now we are making it into a “golf brain” that is placing physical routines into your mind.

Golf mental training so to speak. Also remember to use only one ball in your putting practice and put it into the cup each time. Make sure each shot is important, like 10,000 dollars were on each shot. I can't tell you how many times I have seen golfers miss a 6 inch shot because they thought it was so simple. They didn't use the routine either thus their mind-produced noise, as it didn't know what to do. There was no focus on what you want to have happen, going on!